Sôhkisiwin Solutions is an award winning strategy and integration firm focused on creating generational impact. Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between Indigenous communities and Corporate Canada for meaningful change and economic growth.

Our company’s mission is to empower clients with the strength and confidence needed to forge their own paths. This principle is integrated into every aspect of our work and is epitomized by our name, Sôhkiwisin, which means “Strength” in Cree. We craft our work plans and strategies on a foundation of resilience and knowledge. Through our approach, we aim to instill organizations with the confidence and assurance that their progress signifies a tangible strengthening. It is through this commitment that we drive generational impact and cultivate transformative shifts in conversations and perspectives.



We have created an Indigenous Design Thinking Integration process, merging human-centered design principles with a deep recognition of Indigenous history’s impact on contemporary contexts. This holistic method is paired with the development of a strategic action plan, offering a clear goals and action steps while encouraging proactive engagement. Our product introduces a new approach to Indigenous Inclusion, enriching it by integrating Design Thinking elements for enhanced effectiveness and innovation.


We specialize in crafting strategic plans tailored to your organization’s needs, ensuring clarity, direction, and measurable outcomes.

Sôhkisiwin collaborates on tailored Indigenous Inclusion strategies, leveraging unique strengths, workforce, and operational framework. Recognizing Indigenous Communities’ economic contributions, we advocate integrating Indigenous Worldview into corporate strategies. Our approach supports effective responses to Calls to Action while fostering economic sovereignty and sustainable partnerships.

Expanding beyond Indigenous inclusion, Sóhkisiwin crafts tailored Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies. Recognizing the value of diverse workplaces, our approach integrates DEI principles into corporate strategies to foster innovation and inclusivity. We aim to address systemic barriers, promote equitable opportunities, and cultivate cultures of belonging for all individuals. Through these efforts, we empower organizations to create more inclusive and thriving workplaces.


Using our unique understanding of the challenges faces by Indigenous Communities, Sôhkisiwin Solutions works with Nations through the inception and completion of various projects – including strategic planning, community engagement, economic development, sustainable solutions, and more.




Enhancing the value of your organization

we are unique

Sôhkisiwin Solutions brings invaluable cross-cultural and intergenerational insights to your organization. Drawing upon our rich cultural backgrounds and extensive experience, blending traditional wisdom with modern perspectives, we provide diverse viewpoints that enhance local contexts. Our ability to integrate these varied perspectives fosters effective collaboration and innovation tailored to your organization’s unique requirements.

our experience

With more than 40 years of consulting experience for a diverse array of organizations, from local enterprises to global conglomerates, we leverage our extensive transnational expertise to deliver tailored solutions for your company’s specific needs. We deliver on highly relevant and effective solutions to meet the unique challenges for each company.

create impact

We collaborate with companies to ensure they maintain a competitive edge, showcasing their commitment to responsibility, accountability, and proactive action for their organization and culture. Our partnership aims to elevate your company as an industry innovator and role model, strategically positioning it for recognition and success in the marketplace.




Sôhkisiwin Solutions was the winner of the 2024 NSBA Business Builders New Direction Award. The New Direction Award is given to a business that identifies and pursues a new business idea. This award acknowledges our Design Thinking for Indigenous Inclusion process, which combines human-centered design principles with a strong understanding of Indigenous history’s influence. This approach is then complemented by developing strategic action plans to guide responsive initiatives.




Sôhkisiwin Solutions is based in Treaty 6 Territoy.

We honour Treaty 6 Territory and the Traditional Homeland of the Métis, by sharing this land under Treaty with the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, Métis, Dene and Non-Indigenous peoples.  We are all Treaty People.

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We founded Sôhkiwisin Solutions in response to a recognized gap in the market, particularly concerning Indigenous training and education. Despite individuals undergoing such training, many still found themselves at a loss regarding their next steps. Our observation led us to identify a clear market need for improved strategy and integration, ensuring that inclusion practices seamlessly integrated into existing business models.

Michael Linklater

Michael Linklater, a proud Nehiyaw (Cree) from Thunderchild First Nation in Treaty 6 Territory, epitomizes prolific leadership and cultural advocacy. As co-founder of Sohkisiwin Solutions, he channels his passion for Indigenous empowerment into transformative business initiatives. Beyond entrepreneurship, Michael is renowned for founding Boys with Braids, an international campaign illuminating the cultural significance of Indigenous boys’ and men’s braids as well Michael has delivered countless keynotes to diverse audiences across Canada and globally.

Internationally recognized for his achievements in basketball, Michael has made a deliberate choice to leverage his platform for positive impact and integrative business strategy. He is committed to assisting individuals, companies, governments, and enterprises in responding to calls to action and forging meaningful relationships with First Nations communities and how to utilize best practices to achieve economic sovereignty.

Stephanie Yong

Stephanie is a seasoned professional in design thinking, with extensive experience collaborating with numerous organizations both locally and internationally. Her multifaceted educational background includes a B.A. in  Political Science and an MBA, alongside her nstitute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D) designation. Stephanie’s successes have been acknowledged with accolades such as the CBC Future 40 under 40 and is a Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal recipient.

Leveraging her comprehensive corporate expertise, Stephanie is deeply committed to driving impactful change through the development of inclusive strategies for companies across North America. Her innovative approach and proven track record make her a sought-after advisor in the realm of corporate strategy and inclusion initiatives.

Indigenous Worldview

refers to the unique perspective, beliefs, values, and cultural practices of Indigenous peoples, shaped by their deep connection to the land, spirituality, community, and traditional knowledge systems.

Design Thinking

is a problem-solving approach that prioritizes understanding the needs and perspectives of users, generating creative solutions, and iteratively testing and refining ideas to arrive at innovative and effective solutions.